PC & Laptop Upgrades

Speed up your system!​

Need to upgrade your Computer or Laptop?
We can help you get the best out of your PC or Laptop and maximise it’s life.
Our service unleashes your computers potential, and we will ensure everything is 100% compatible.

Boost Your Computers Power

Enhanced Performance

Cost-effective Solutions!

Enhance your PC or laptop’s speed, functionality and lifespan with a few simple upgrades. 

Are you suffering with any of the following?

  • Programs and applications take a long time to load
  • System slow performing basic tasks
  • Frequent freezing, crashing or overheating

All of the above symptoms can be removed or improved by upgrading some basic components in your system.
As we use our computers and fill them up with data like photos, music and videos, programs and applications your system can start to struggle to perform the everyday tasks that it once used to.

The latest applications and programs require more storage, memory and processing power than ever before. New games can demand huge requirements from an older system.

Why upgrade your computer?

You can drastically extend the life of your system and also increase its productivity, speed and performance with minor upgrades that don’t cost the earth.
For instance 75% of the systems we look at could benefit from a memory upgrade which increases general system speed and aids performance and multi-tasking.

Upgrading your laptops hard drive to a solid state drive can improve performance dramatically!

Upgrading your computer could add years to it’s usable lifespan, saving you £££’s over having to buy a new computer.

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Upgrades for Home or Office

We can upgrade all makes and models of home or office computers and laptops.

Take a look at the benefits of upgrading your system:

Upgrading is cost-effective

Whether for a home computer or office workstations, low-cost upgrades can be implemented to boost performance, speed, and increase efficiency and productivity.

From as little as £9.95 (+ the component price) some upgrades can be performed within 1hr. With our collect & return service we can complete an upgrade and return the same day!

Do you have an old computer or laptop sat collecting dust? Sell us your unwanted tech!

Here at Aqua PC our aim is take the hassle out of selling your computer or laptop.
If you don’t have the time or energy to list on an auction site, or deal with potential returns, our service is perfect for you; …aaaaand we’ll give you a great price for your old tech!

Price Guide

Here's a selection of common

computer upgrades.

Memory Upgrade

Collect & Deliver Available
£ 15 ex VAT
  • This upgrade includes:
  • Diagnostic System Test
  • Install Upgraded RAM
  • Post Installation Test

CPU Upgrade

Collect & Deliver Available
£ 30 ex VAT
  • This upgrade includes:
  • Diagnostic System Test
  • Install Upgraded CPU
  • Post Installation Test

Hard Drive Upgrade

Collect & Deliver Available
£ 40 ex VAT
  • This upgrade includes:
  • Data Backup & Transfer
  • Install Upgraded HDD
  • Post Install Data Check

Graphics Card Upgrade

Collect & Deliver Available
£ 25 ex VAT
  • This upgrade includes:
  • Graphics System Test
  • Install Upgraded GPU
  • Post Install 3DMark Test

Sound Card Upgrade

Collect & Deliver Available
£ 30 ex VAT
  • This upgrade includes:
  • Diagnostic System Test
  • Install Upgraded Sound Card
  • Post Install Sound Check

Motherboard Upgrade

Collect & Deliver Available
  • This upgrade includes:
  • System Disassemble
  • Upgrade Install & Rebuild
  • System Stress Test

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