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Has your business switched to cloud computing for 2020?

Has your business switched to cloud computing for 2020?

Cloud computing for business 2020

You’ve likely heard about Cloud computing and services available for businesses today, however you may not have a clue about the numerous advantages that it gives. By employing cloud services, small and medium-sized businesses can access a wide array of solutions and systems from cloud based hosting and email, virtual desktops and industry and business applications. Since the introduction of Cloud based solutions, there have been huge strides in the development of the industry.
The following reasons clearly show why you should consider cloud computing for modern business.

Three Reasons You Should Use Cloud Computing in 2020

Cloud services today have become more accessible for the smaller business than ever before! By incorporating some of these solutions your business will flourish in it’s day to day operation. Are you looking for improved productivity, or perhaps you need to strengthen your security in an ever changing world? Regardless, cloud computing solutions can help you achieve those goals. Read on to learn how you can improve productivity within your business and help your employees take advantage of these much improved cloud services in 2020.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is Cost-Effective

SaaS contributes more than $20 billion to the quarterly revenues of software vendors. That number is expected to increase year on year. As SaaS continues to grow, there are more specialised platforms to monitor and manage the spend on cloud-based apps. In addition, by utilising Cloud services you’ll be hosting databases and software remotely. This means you will make huge savings by not having to budget for hardware purchases and maintenance. With cloud computing you typically pay for services as you go, and therefore your business will only need to pay for what you end up using. Ultimately then, you will inadvertently be saving money by moving to the Cloud, since you won’t be paying for things you don’t use.

Artificial intelligence Offers Improved Security

Cyber crime damages are expected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021. For good reason then, cyber security is a growing concern around the world. With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, the Cloud can proactively detect security threats and help your business protect against unauthorised entrance into cloud services.

AI in Cloud computing provides superior security standards that keeps your businesses confidential information safe. There are numerous levels of security in place to protect cloud-based systems. These security measures can protect your company from third-party threats when transmitting data to clients and employees alike. One tip we like to point out, if your business is looking to move to cloud services, find a cloud service provider that will thoroughly survey potential security threats and provide the best solutions for your business through AI.

Cloud Services Support Flexible Schedules

Since the introduction of the COVID-19 threat, millions of individuals worldwide are beginning to work remotely through the use of Cloud services. A similar report demonstrates that 40 percent more professional organisations offer remote work than in the five years prior. With an ever increasing number of workers turning to remote services, cloud services can support your new remote workforce by giving your employees everything they need to successfully work online in this modern world.

As a business owner, you might be worried about your workforce’s ability to be efficient while working from home. Then have confidence in this report that shows 77 percent of workers report higher productivity while working remotely, and 52 percent are less likely to take time off work. Flexibility and accessibility like this has the opportunity to pay dividends for your business!

If you business has already made the move to Cloud services, why not share your experiences in the comments section below. Get in touch with Aqua PC if you are a small business looking for advice on employing Cloud services for your business.

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