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Upgrades & Repairs Service

Based in South Yorkshire

Collect & return service available in the Rotherham & Sheffield area.
Specialists in repairs and upgrades of desktops, laptops & gaming PCs.

We provide computer support to both home and business users.
Service plans available for businesses with more than 5 computers.

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Local Computer Repair Service

Local Service

Computer repairs across Rotherham & Sheffield.

Laptop Repairs Rotherham & Sheffield

Fast Repairs

Collect, repair and return in as little as 4hrs!

Collection & Delivery PC Repairs

Collect & Return

We can collect & return to your home or place of work.

Computer Servicing

Is your computer running slow or taking a long time to load? Then it's time for a computer service.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Damaged your laptop screen? It's easy to do. Contact us and we'll source a replacement and fit it for you.

Power Issues

Battery no longer working on your laptop, or computer won't turn on? Very often this issue can be fixed at low cost.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Do you think your computer has a virus? This can be very dangerous and needs expert attention as soon as possible. Contact us and we will remove all viruses and spyware from your system.

Desktops. Laptops. Home. Office.

Professional Computer Repairs

Hassle & Jargon Free

Desktop Repairs & Upgrades
Laptop Repairs
Virus & Malware Removal
Gaming Setups & Upgrades
Computer Security

Everyday 1000's of devices are thrown away when they could be repaired or sold on.

In a many cases computers, laptops, tablets and phones can be repaired for a very reasonable fee. Why not contact us and see how cheaply we can repair your device before you go out and buy new.

Or why not sell your old tech for money toward your next purchase. We’ll offer you a good price for your old tech and will recycle the parts into refurbished devices.

Trusted. Service. Guaranteed.

Our Service Guarantee

No Fix - No Fee!

Yes that’s right… We offer a no fix, no fee guarantee to customers who are situated within a 5 mile radius of Rotherham.

Often repairs can be carried out to restore your device back to working order. However, if after extensive investigation we find your device can not be repaired we will not charge you for our initial checks.

“If my device can not be repaired, then what?”
We will provide some options for you based on the condition of your device.

We offer a ‘Buy Back‘ service if you would like to recover some money towards your next purchase.
We may be able to provide a data recovery service to pull data from your irreparable device and relocate it to a new device.

One way or the other we will do our best to ensure customer satisfaction, and that is our guarantee!

Computer Repair Technicians in Rotherham

Home, Office or Business

We've got you covered

Whether your computer is at home or your business needs computer support, we provide computer repair, maintenance and upgrade services for everyone in Rotherham & Sheffield.

50 +
Happy Customers

Computer Repair

Our repair service includes component repairs, charge port repair, screen replacement, power issues… just about any repair!

Computer Maintenance

Is your PC or laptop running slow or overheating? All technical equipment needs servicing including your computer.

Computer Upgrades

Advice on compatible computer upgrades available for your computer, we then supply and install everything as part of the service.

Custom Build Computer

We build custom spec PCs for your requirements. We have options to fit all environments and budgets large or small.

Virus & Malware Removal

Viruses are dangerous! We can remove viruses, spyware and malware quickly giving you back a computer that’s safe to use again.

Antivirus & Security

We ensure that you are running the most up to date and effective security programs to protect you against cyber threats.

Price Guide

We promise the most

competitive prices!

Parts Replacement

For All Hardware Faults
£ 60 + parts ex VAT
  • Replacement Screen
  • Replacement Hard Drive
  • Replacement Laptop Keyboard
  • Replacement Memory
  • Replacement Laptop Keyboard
  • Replacement CPU
  • Replacement Graphics Card

Computer Service

Collect & Repair
£ 65 ex VAT
  • Remove Unwanted Programs
  • Remove Registry Errors
  • Remove Spyware & Viruses
  • Update All Software
  • Latest Security & Anti-virus
  • Hardware Diagnostic Check
  • Internal Thermal Clean

Virus & Malware

Removal & Restore
£ 75 ex VAT
  • Multiple Deep System Scans
  • Remove Malware Infection
  • Software Clean & Restore
  • Hardware Component Check
  • Update All Software
  • OS Reinstall (if required)
  • Data Backup (additional fee)

Specialist Data Services

Data Transfer

One Device to Another
£ 75 up to 200Gb
  • Transfer data from one storage device to another device.

    If source device has faults or data is corrupted then Data Recovery may be required at additional cost.
  • Supply new storage device. (If required)
  • £10 additional charge per 100Gb. Call for accurate estimate.

Data Recovery

Recovery From Faulty Storage
£ 150 up to 200Gb
  • Data recovery from damaged or faulty storage.

    Specialised data recovery from damaged storage devices or devices with badly corrupted file systems.
  • Supply new storage device. (If required)
  • Additional charges may apply for large devices.

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